Driving Need Based Donations

EClickKart a crowdfunding platform aims to bridge the demand-supply gap in charity by helping donors know what products the NGOs require. This makes giving more efficient and transparent.

At a glance Startup: EClickkart

Founders: Rohit N Shetty, Divya Shetty

Founded in: 2018

Based out of: Mumbai

Services: Crowdfunding platform connecting NGOs, donors and products

Sector: Social enterprise

Funding raised: Bootstrapped

During volunteering for educating children with AIM (Atal Innovation Movement) an initiative by Govt of India and NITI Ayog; Rohit realized that the education system is in dire need of the supplies for children to be educated. There are various schemes which are being provided but at ground level the scenario is totally different.  Children are in dire need of Books, Bags, Pencils etc. Its when this idea struck Rohit’s mind of starting a crowdfunding platform which can cater to such needs and bridge the demand supply gap.

What EClickKart does?

On the EClickKart platform, NGOs can create campaigns for their ongoing projects. They can display the products they are in immediate need of. Donors, meanwhile, can choose the NGO or cause they wish to support and donate the products they want to.

Once the orders are placed and payments processed, EClickKart  fulfills the delivery (via its vendors) at the end of the campaign. A typical campaign on the platform lasts for 30 to 45 days. EClickKart has tied up with several offline vendors to fulfill product deliveries.

Donors are able to track their donations and product utilisation in a transparent manner. They get regular updates about campaigns they are supporting. NGOs, on the other hand, are provided tools to manage their donors smoothly, and improve retention.

Impact So far

EClickKart has hosted 10 Campaigns so far on its platform and has distributed products worth Rs 40 Lakhs in a little more than a year.

Rohit Quotes

“Most of the campaigns revolve around Children, Elderly and Animal Welfare. And 18% of them are repeat donors.”

EClickKart does not charge NGOs who are allowed to list their campaigns for free. It takes a 10 to 15 percent cut of vendor revenues. This model has allowed the startup to survive. As EClickKart buys in bulk vendors are also content to give a bit of the cost relief.

Rohit says, “We are in the crowdfunding market with a clear differentiation. We hope to make a difference by facilitating need-based donations.”

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E-Click-Kart is India’s most reliable donation platform where thousands of Donors across the world channelize their donations to the NGOs in need. We allow Donors to send material needed to a cause instead of money.

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