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EClickKart works on the principle of donating supplies instead of cash to the ones in need. We are having a whole set of causes listed on the website from which you can browse through; Select your cause; Select the products and its quantity to donate. You can checkout with the donated products. EClickKart will source the products and get it delivered for the cause you chose. You will receive an update about it as well once when the products are delivered. 

Donate Smile Kit

Let Crisis not affect well being of Children

Goal of 500 Smile Kits
Achieved 5%

Donate Smart Phones for Children

Education is the only way to ensure a stronger India

Goal of 100 Phones
Achieved 6%

Donate PPE Kits to support Doctors

Donate PPE Kits for doctors to help them stay protected.

Goal of 1000 Kits
Achieved 20%

Donate food for man's best friend

All they want is food, care and some love. Feed a stray dog today

Goal of 1000 kits
Achieved 11%

Donate for elderly and children

Donate to protect the elderly and children from the deadly coronavirus

Goal of 10000 Kits
Achieved 20%

Help daily wage workers

Donate grocery supplies to feed the jobless daily wage workers.

Goal of 10000 kits
Achieved 14%
Donate for elderly eclickkart

Donate for elderly

Donate supplies for edlerly so that they can live a dignified life

Goal of 1000 units of supplies
Goal achieved 31%

Education for all

Donate school supplies to educate underprivileged children

Goal of 1000 units of each supply
Goal Achieved 42%

How it works 

Choose a Cause

Browse different campaigns and select a cause.

Select Products

Select products and quantity you wish to donate.

Process your Order

Checkout and pay for your contributions.

Delivery Report

E-Click-Kart delivers the products and the organisation updates about product utilization.

Tanaaz Irani congratulating EClickKart and Rohit N Shetty for the support and dedications towards feeding the migrant workers during these Global Pandemic. 

Tanaaz Quoted

“This pandemic overpowering everybody but here you are the real warriors and the by product of this pandemic and you are fighting it with love, food and empathy. More power to you, more strength to you. God Bless.”