The vast majority of work in India is in the informal sector. These include farmers, construction workers, street vendors and more.

Over the past few months, Corona Virus has spread rapidly across the country. India’s COVID-19 cases have spiked over 1000 and the numbers are increasing. The government has been actively working towards stemming the outbreak. A severe lockdown has been put in place in all the states. A large segment of the unorganized sector i.e., the daily wage workers, the construction labourers, farmers and so on do not have the necessary resources to survive. They rely on their daily wages to put food on the table.


There is a huge lack of awareness of the pandemic among these individuals from marginalized communities. These communities are already vulnerable as they don’t have proper homes, adequate income or sufficient resources. These individuals from under-served communities are on the brink of starvation. They suffer from various problems such as Lack of Access to Food. Many of them have mostly exhausted their monthly ration supplies and most of them do not have access to avail rations due to lack of awareness. Most of the students rely on midday meals which have also stopped since many schools have shut down.

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EClickKart is India’s one of a kind platform that enables donors to directly donate products to NGOs/charities online instead of money. In the last 2 years since our inception, we have been able to help 50+ NGOs all over India raise close to 2 crores worth of products. 80,000+ unique donors have used our platform to donate to charities of their choice. As a donor, you are guaranteed 100% transparency – after you donate your products, you will be sent an update from the beneficiary.

EClickKart is a social enterprise and not a NGO on our own, we act only as a technology platform where donors can send supplies to charities instead of giving money directly to them. The supplies donors bought on EClickKart will be procured from our vendor partners and delivered to the NGOs. This is similar to someone going to an offline store to purchase material and then giving it to the NGO. As Charities receive supplies not money they can’t give you tax exemption for these transactions. However, we do understand the concern and working on the solution to give 80 G to all the donors contributing via EClickKart.

All these NGOs are registered and are highly reputed in their areas of service. You can visit them and talk to them in person if you desire. Please write into us at and we’ll provide you with all their contact details.

As a part of our policy, it is mandatory for NGOs to send you the donor regular updates. Once the campaign, we request you to wait for a few days for us to be able to deliver the products. Within a month, you should receive an update in the form of pictures and videos from the NGO.

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