E-Click-Kart is a unique crowd-funding platform where donors can donate products that are needed by social organisations instead of traditional monetary donations.

E-Click-Kart is one of its kind platform, which brings in a new layer of trust and transparency in the donations made to social organisations by delivering products directly to them instead of giving money. We have added these unique features on our platform where transparency is given utmost importance.

All the products that have been obtained during a campaign will be delivered at the end of the campaign. However if the organisation requests us, we can deliver the products before the end of the campaign as well.

E-Click-Kart believes in need based donation and lists down the products that the organisations are in need of at that particular time. If any donations are made offline we can’t track those details and NGO will end up getting products which they would have already received on E-Click-Kart. So we suggest donating products on E-Click-Kart and later visit the organisation once these are delivered.

E-Click-Kart offers various quality and price options to organisations and it is up to the organisation to choose which products they would like to list for their campaign.

E-Click-Kart is a platform that only raises new and durable products. We only list high quality products for different campaigns on our website. There are other avenues through which second hand products can be delivered to the NGO’s.

Unlike other platforms which charges more than 10-15% as commission, E-Click-Kart is completely free for both Donors & NGOs. The platform discards traditional monetary donations and ensures that the NGOs get the products they need. This makes the donor rest assured that their donation has gone to the needy. The tracking service and the updates is what adds to the uniqueness of this platforms.

In order to create a campaign, fill the details on the CREATE A NEW CAMPAIGN section. We will reach out to you within 0-2 hours of filling the form.

We can list any kind of products on our platform, which includes stationary, groceries, medical equipment, daily essentials etc. You can also have a look at the completed campaigns on our website to get a better idea of the products we raise.

There is no specific time limit, though we suggest a campaign lasting between 30-45 days, as that will yield maximum returns. People are happy to contribute towards campaigns that have immediate needs rather than long-term projects.

Whenever we receive any donation for your campaign, it will automatically reflect on your campaign page.  

There is no limit to how many products you can raise, as we believe that the organizations are in need of large supplies of products to run their operations smoothly. We do recommend that you start a campaign with a realistic target as donors usually wish to support and donate for campaigns that are reaching their targets.

All the products that have been obtained during a campaign will be delivered at the end of the campaign. Even if the campaign won’t complete 100% you will receive whatever products you have obtained by the end of the campaign.

We at E-Click-Kart always want the campaigners to reach their target before the deadline. We allocate a campaign manager who will assist you in every step during the campaign. The campaign manager will share the tried and tested result oriented techniques with you in order to promote the campaign.

E-Click-Kart is a completely free platform for both donors and the organizations. Thanks to the sellers, logistics companies and many other partners because of whom we are able to provide our services for free.

A full time campaign manager will be assisting you throughout the process and you can feel free to contact them regarding any kind of assistance you need.

No. As product donations can’t be given tax exemptions under government regulations, You don’t need to provide 80 G exemption.

At E-Click-Kart the NGO’s ask the donors for products instead of monetary donations. Thus the donor gets the maximum satisfaction for every single rupee they have spent on the product. This transparency in terms of the donation will drive the donors to our platform rather than other crowd-funding platforms/your website that ask money. Our ability to track their donations and the updates given by NGOs will also attract the donors. Many NGOs have seen 300% increase in the Donor base because of E-Click-Kart.