Donate food for stray dogs

All they want is food, care and some love. Feed a stray dog today!

Corona virus is probably the most disastrous tragedy in recent years. The virus has locked people inside their homes, caused the death of thousands of individuals and is now hurting animals. These furry four-legged creatures are suffering as the lockdown has left them wandering on the streets for food.

Stray dogs are seen wandering around the streets of India. They’re reliant on the scraps given by the public such as passersby, restaurants, and so on. Amidst the lockdown, hundreds of cafes, restaurants, bakeries, shops, and establishments have been shut down. These stays already live in horrendous conditions and the lockdown is starving them to death.

The strays often relied on people who’ve kindly left out water in bowls. Without any source of water, these dogs are suffering. 

In a recent breakthrough, the WHO released a statement that there’s no evidence that companion animals such as dogs or cats can be infected with the new coronavirus as of now. This is a relief to dog lovers across the globe. Many state governments have given permission to animal welfare workers and citizens to feed stray dogs.

You can help feed many stray dogs from the comfort of your own home. Help feed these animals so they can withstand the crisis until things go back to normal. Together, we can do it.

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