eclickkart education

Education for all

Lakhs of children don’t go to school since they can’t afford school supplies.

Education is a basic right of every child, but lakhs of children don’t get an opportunity to go to school due to severe financial constraints. Even if these kids want to attend government schools which provide free education, their parents can’t afford the basic school supplies to make this happen. The drop out rates amongst underprivileged is always getting higher.

Many of these children are talented, and if given the right access they can do wonders for themselves.

Its just not underprivileged children many schools are also in a dire need of school supplies for children. These supplies will help educate the children and in turn will build a stronger India.

EClickKart is working towards achieving 1000 units of each supply.

eclickkart education

Donate school supplies for underprivileged children to help build a stronger India.


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